Edwards Edit: How to wow your KK.

Looking for the perfect KK gift that says 'I'm sorry I ate your lunch out of the fridge (even though it was clearly labelled)?'
We've taken the guess work out of this seasons Kris Kringle gifting and compiled a list of our top 5 gifts under $40. All that's left for you to do is head in store, grab your gift and then sit back and wait to hear those words - 'It's perfect!'.

1. Bath Brew

No it's not for a never ending cup of tea - Bath Brew is a giant tea bag for the bath, used as a remedial & relaxing bath soak. Steep in this tonic and enjoy the benefits.

2. T2 - Any Selection!

Personally we're a big fan of the Jade Mountain T2, not just because of the amazing health benefits of green tea! Team it up with a mesh infuser for extra points.

3. Barkly Basics 

Cleaning up just got a whole lot more stylish thanks to Barkly Basics. Their collection of designer kitchen sponges and detergents will not only look great in your kitchen but they work a treat.
Starting from $6.95

4. Olieve by Olieve + Olie

Treat your KK to a sensory delight with the hand + body wash by Olieve. Gentle on the skin and a delight for the nose, this whole range will have your KK dancing for joy.
Starting from $29.00

5. The Edwards Flask

Convenience and style come together in this versatile Edwards Flask. Ideal for taking your favourite hot drink on the run, or in the warmer months - adding the refreshing taste of seasonal fruits to water.