The Indulger - Large

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For those who lust for the sweet, The Indulger is sure to satisfy. A mixture of flavours that will delight the tastebuds.


This Hamper contains:

Farmgate Fig and Pomegranate Jelly

Rich, sweet and slightly tart, this jam is a perfect partner to many different varieties of cheese.

Robert Gordon Mug - Terrain (see second picture)

Striking Terrain mugs, with big handles for those with big hands, or those that like to 'cuddle' their mugs. Earthy tones give these an old-school potters charm.

Lauria Speciality Sweets Biscuits (not pictured)

A boutique range of gourmet biscuits that are individually handmade and Australian made.

Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate (not pictured)

One of the most pure and sumptuous drinking chocolate experiences you can find. Sourced from the best cocoa growing regions, with the beans minimally and naturally processed to reveal the best qualities, notes and flavours. Created by a family owned business in Ballarat.

Rinaldi Nougat

A silky smooth eating quality that can be found only in the very finest nougats, this mouth watering nougat boasts flavours of soft almonds and Australian blue gum honey.

Loving Earth Chocolate Variation

Raw and organic, Loving Earth chocolate is made from only the best wholefood ingredients making it the perfect pick me up treat packed full of delicious goodness.

Freckleberry Chocolate

Dubbed the chocolate that makes you smile, and made from real Belgium chocolate, this little block of chocolate will melt in your mouth.

Olieve Lip Balm

A lip balm that actually works; Olieve Lip Balm protects, soothes and heals with all natural oils and organic bees wax.

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