The Indulger - Small

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For those who lust for the sweet, The Indulger is sure to satisfy. A mixture of flavours that will delight the tastebuds.


This Hamper contains:

T2 All Sorts

Imaginatively sorted to cater for all parts of your day and night, T2 All Sorts is a delightful selection of loose leaf teas.

Farmgate Fig and Pomegranate Jelly

Rich, sweet and slightly tart, this jam is a perfect partner to many different varieties of cheese.

Robert Gordon Mug - Terrain (see second picture)

Striking Terrain mugs, with big handles for those with big hands, or those that like to 'cuddle' their mugs. Earthy tones give these an old-school potters charm.

Lauria Speciality Sweets Biscuits

A boutique range of gourmet biscuits that are individually handmade and Australian made.

*Substitutions may occur due to stock levels