The Savoury Sentiment

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Express your sentiment in the most savoury of ways with a Savoury Sentiment hamper.


This Hamper contains:

Salute Olives

Cheers to good health and happy tastebuds with Salute Olives. These certified organic Olives are delicious enough to be consumed on their own or as a compliment to almost any dish.

Jamies Caramelised Red Onion

With hints of pepper, a splash of orange juice and the zesty zing of vinegar, Jamie's Caramelised Red Onion is the perfect accompaniment to your favourite cheese.

Farmgate Balsamic Jelly for Cheese

This intense, smooth and sweet jelly is a delicious addition to the cheese board. Made using premium Italian balsamic vinegar from Modena this jelly is perfect partnered with sharp Cheddar or Parmigiano Reggiano.