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Edwards Providore

What's For Dinner Iso Box

This box is designed to be a mix and match meal base style selection. Depending on how you choose to combine them, there’s at least a few good family dinners to be had from this collection of ingredients! Maybe you’d like to add in something sweet to finish the meal like a “bake your own cookie mix” or ready to munch on Edwards biscuits!

Box contains:
Coconut Milk, Silvered Almonds, Cashews, Pasta, Black Rice, Yellow Curry Paste, Oregano Leaves Spice Jar, Cumin Spice Jar, Salt Flakes, Garlic, Lime, Satay Sauce, Mustard, Curry Blend Bases x 2 (e.g. Zest Butter Chicken and Zest Yellow Curry), Long Grain Rice, Arborio Rice, White Wine Vinegar, Fresh Coriander, Salad Dressing and Pasta Sauce.

Available for pickup, or local delivery. We do our best to make sure the contents of the iso box match what's pictured, but may need to substitute flavours etc. according to stock levels. Use the notes box to message us if you have requests that we may be able to accomodate.

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