The Local - Medium

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When only the finest will do, turn to The Local. Handpicked from our backyard, a gift box that surpasses all expectations.


This Hamper contains:

Jamie’s Dressing 

This delicious dressing makes all green salads brilliant. Excite your taste buds with the refreshing zing of Jamie’s Poppyseed Dressing.

Salute Olives

Cheers to good health and happy tastebuds with Salute Olives. These certified organic Olives are delicious enough to be consumed on their own or as a compliment to almost any dish.

JimJam Foods (Very Very Raspberry)

Be greeted with the sweet aromas of summer fruits with this Really Really Raspberry Jam. Handcrafted  in Australia by JimJam foods, simply for your enjoyment.

Mork Hot Chocolate 

Handcrafted by Cacao Artisans in Melbourne, Mork Hot Chocolate will entice and delight. Be transported to hot chocolate heaven with notes of stone fruit, almonds and ripe berries, leaving lingering tastes of toffee and dark chocolate.

Darryl's Peanut Butter

Freshly roasted peanuts provide a flavour kick in Darryls Delicious peanut butter. Heralding from Dromcondra, the salty goodness of the butter will leave you wanting more.

Adelia Organic Fruit and Almond Granola

Think coconut, cinnamon, raw almonds and more. Kick start your morning with flavours that come to life, in this perfect addition to any breakfast.