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Bendigo Cheese Boxes

Do you find the idea of putting together a flavour balanced cheese board a bit intimidating or you just flat out don't have the time? Our thoughtfully curated cheese boxes take the headache out of choosing which cheeses to pair with what, so you can fast forward to the consuming of cheese!

Available in both sweet and savoury boxes, these are also great if you're road tripping to a destination where you know you'll need a good cheese board, but you don't want to assemble ahead of time so you can keep everything fresh and protected.

Or maybe you're a seasoned entertainer and you just want a quick quality starting point in getting a great grazing platter together. Our award winning cheeses + accompaniments will form a good traditional flavour combination...and you can bring the magic by choosing your own favourite additions...the sky is the limit and we are ready to help you shine!

Local pickup available. For questions about local delivery and large orders etc. please call or email us on or (03) 5444 2244