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Edwards Biscuit Collection

The ultimate in gifting - our collection of handmade cookies is crafted with love and care, and presented beautifully in a wrapped biscuit tin. Each cookie is an edible token of appreciation, filled with nostalgia and memories. It's a sweet gesture that will warm their heart and remind them of the love you share.

Choose from an array of delectable flavours, carefully baked to perfection. From classic wagon wheel to indulgent almond and caramel, every bite is a moment to savour. Our cookies are handcrafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring irresistible taste and quality. Whether enjoyed with a cup of coffee or shared during a family gathering, these cookies are a perfect way to create lasting memories.

** Please note in December, we have these gift wrapped biscuit collections in tins in our store so if online is sold out, give us a call or pop in and get yours from us in person. ***